MSCCM 2012 exchange connector error 8801

If you see this error in your MSCCM 2012 Monitoring workspace, under System Status -> Component Status

Connection to Exchange server http://exchangeCAS.domain.com/powershell failed. 
Possible cause: incorrect server address or server address not reachable.

And/or receive this alert:

Operation: Mobile device management
Type: Exchange Server connector connection failure
Description: Generate an alert if the Exchange Server connector on the YourSite site failed to connect to the configured Exchange Server.

Try opening URL http://exchangeCAS.domain.com/powershell with the same user you configured for Exchange Connector in MSCCM 2012. If you get:
 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials

Open IIS7 manager on your exchange CAS server, expand to site element PowerShell, select it and open Authentication. Enable Windows Authentication and check that it has NTLM in Providers list.


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