Cannot install Exchange Server 2007 SP1: The system cannot find the file specified

If you are getting this error when trying to install Exchange Server 2007 SP1
The system cannot find the file specified

An unexpected error has occurred and debug information is being generated: The system cannot find the file specified"

you may want to check C:\ExchangeSetupLogs\ExchangeSetup.log for errors.
If the missing file is Ldifde.exe you should install ADDS.
For Windows Server 2008 R2 open Server Manager go to Roles, click Add Roles and install Active Directory Domain Services
If you're installing Exchange 2007 Management Tools on Windows 7, simply copy the file ldifde.exe from your server to C:\windows\system32\ folder.


  1. McKee26.8.09

    Exchange 2007 is NOT supported on Windows 2008 R2. Please do not install such configurations on production systems - it COULD work (if you hack it) but it wouldn't be supported.

  2. worked great for me. Thx for posting this.

  3. Anonymous10.7.10

    Thanks for this. Strange, the only supported solution for importing PST files is to install the management tools on a 32-bit machine (http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2007/04/13/437745.aspx). Yet they won't install under XP SP3 unless you happen to have a 32-bit Domain Controller from which to copy the Ldifde.exe file. Fortunately I had just decommissioned my SBS 2003 box so I could pull it from there.

  4. thanks for the post

  5. Anonymous3.9.10

    Thanks for the post, this worked for me also. Upgrading Exchange 2003 to 2007 and using a newly built Windows 2008 server. Running the ADDS install allowed the Exchange 2007 installation process to complete without errors.

  6. malcolm22.12.10

    Hey Guys on 2008R2 you only need to instal ADLDS. That will let you proceed.

    Thanks for this though. It got me in thje right Direction MUCH APPRECIATED :)

  7. Anonymous31.3.11

    Yah ADLDS did the trick for me as well, Thank you!!

  8. Anonymous26.1.12

    copy and paste ldifde.exe did the trick for me, thank you :-)