The purpose and idea behind the ITowns blog

my name is Aurimas and I work in small IT company in Lithuania.
I am conditionally new to IT so I encounter bigger or smaller challenges in my work everyday. To overcome them I use different methods and sources of information, but mostly of course I search the web.
Sometimes when the task I need to accomplish is really new and unknown to me I follow some (sometimes not easy to find) step by step guide on the web, but after some time I may need to repeat the same task and of course I do not always remember how I did it last time :)
So I need to spend a lot of time searching the web again (I'm lucky if I have added it to my favorites, but if not...).

So the purpose of this blog is to gather this information about my everyday challenges to a single place for further use, so I don't need to search the web again.
Also to help find solution or to give the right direction to anyone else facing similar problems.

I hope someone will find this blog useful :)

p.s. English is not my native language so feel free to correct me where needed :)

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